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Spewing my vaccine stuff November 3, 2009

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Hey folks,
My inbox has 10-15 emails and/or articles on vaccines in a day. I have stopped reading most of them, therefore not sending them out. I have gotten tired of being the bearer of some awful news and truths. However, my chiropractor told me today, ‘Dotty you can’t stop.The media is not stopping.” He is right. So tonight I went on line with intentions on going through my 300 emails and sorting them out. But it only took two to shake me up.
 This is the deal folks. With vaccination more and more people will get sick. This is not a myth, a conspiracy theory or a scare tactic, It is the plain truth. As we see more and more people get ill this fall and winter, more and more people will become frightened. The news will report each and every death. There will be gut wrenching pictures and horror stories. The intensity will escalade and the fear mongers will succeed in selling more vaccines and drugs. Many who refused vaccines in the beginning will now question themselves. They will vaccinate their children to “prevent” illness.
Now there is no way I can give you a complete vaccine education in one email but I will try my best to make ONE point clear.And that point is that vaccines are toxic and unnatural to the bodies GOD given defense system. Vaccines contain ingredients such as aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, MSG, ammonium sorbate,soy protein, yeast, glycerin, phenols etc They are often cultivated on living tissues of aborted fetuses and animal by products such as monkey kidney cells, fetal bovine (calf) serum,guinea pig embryos, chick embryos….
 Please feel free to call the manufacturers listed on this site and ask them!!!
Now if that did not gross you out enough, let me tell ya this.
The HUMAN body is not set up to receive any of these ingredients via injection. In fact it is not even set up to receive the virus or bacteria via injection. . Our body is designed in the perfect fashion. When we obtain a bacterium or virus through our nasal passages, we sneeze, get a runny nose etc. When our lungs become infected we cough. When our digestive tracks become invested we get diarrhea, nausea. We often experience fever, which is our bodies way of expressing HEALTH through our pores. White blood cells reproduce at an enormous rate to fight infection, this high speed process creates heat. Fever is a natural process.
A vaccine is a minute or attenuated portion of the illness it is created to prevent. Because the “disease” was not obtained in the natural fashion, we do not see outward reactions such as the cough, fever, runny nose. So in essence the body does not eliminate the bacterium or virus. Instead it stays and it often stays forever. It finds a nice cushy home somewhere in your body. Perhaps your joints, perhaps your muscles, perhaps in a nerve or a tendon. For years it festers there and for years your body sees it as the enemy. Slowly and quietly it defends its homeland. The body no longer sees your joints, bones, tendons, muscle or nerves as a part of your body, but it sees it as an infected area that must be defeated. It attacks itself and we call that AUTO IMMUNITY. We now have a slew of disastrous conditions the doctors have no answer for but give them names like arthritis, lupus, Chronic fatigue, diabetes etc.
 The same is true for all those nasty vaccine ingredients I previously mentioned. The body doesn’t recognize them in the blood, so once again it attacks. We now have disorders such as allergies, and leukemia. It crosses the blood brain barrier and we get autism, and Alzheimer’s. Must I go on? Do you get it?
Vaccine components do not belong in the human body. The human body can not fight off bacterium, viruses, heavy metals, animal by products, preservatives, etc. that have been injected. I can’t make it any simpler and I can’t tell you how sincere I am about getting people to understand.
 I can send you 10 articles a day, I can make you angry. I can depress the crap out of you. but that is not my mission. My mission is to make sure people are truly informed to make the right decision. I feel with all my heart once you get the facts, all the facts you would never allow a needle to come near you or your kid.
 If you have questions and or need help in any area please feel free to contact me. If I don’t have an answer I will certainly try to find one for you or point you in the right direction. There are amazing doctors, webnars, articles, websites, research, studies, classes etc out there that can help you make the right choice for you and your family.
 Remember: The media are salesman for the pharm companies. The pharm companies CEO’s have degrees in BUSINESS, not medicine. And the government’s pockets and bed sheets are lined with dirty money.
However on a good note, never in my 10 years of being an anti vaccine advocate have I seen so many doctors wake up and speak out against vaccines. And yes I am not afraid to say I am against vaccines. I gotta tell ya for years I was frustrated by the so called “safe vaccine” groups. Give me a break, Speak the damn truth.
This fall and winter we are going to experience some challenges.but I am asking that you remain positve. My best advice, build up your immune system. Lots of whole, organic foods. Sunshine and sleep. Probiotics and Vitamins A, C, D, and E. Find a good chiropractor and/ or homeopath. Keep your spirituality fine tuned and your mind sharp.Toss out the fear. Enjoy each day, give a friend a hug and tell your family you love them.
In love light and good health,   Dotty Scalco

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