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Halloween? November 2, 2008

Here’s the gang with Papa all dressed up are ready to go.  This year we had three English soccer players, two cats, a dinosaur and one little sweet pea.  Nana stayed at the house and handed out goodies to the neighborhood kids.


People are usually surprised to find that we do Halloween.  How can you do that with the candy?  What about the whole anti-Christian thing?  Well, we’ve always done Halloween.  The kids love to use their imagination and dress up.  

It’s not about the candy and never has been.  What we have always done was let the kids collect candy and then they have fun handing it out to the other kids or this year we dropped it off with Nana and let her hand it out as we went to other houses.  

The other issue has never really been an issue for us.  We have always known it is the eve of All Saints Day, or All Hallow’s Eve.  There is tons of information on the origins if you want to look it up.  We don’t mind if people don’t feel the same way and decide not to participate, to each his own, but it does annoy us when they tell my children they are doing something wrong and God doesn’t approve.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!