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Having a baby? June 30, 2009

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Good morning folks,
Rainy, rainy, rainy here in S. Florida and I LOVE it. What ever you are doing today I hope you are “in the spirit of love“.
Speaking of love, are any of you out there expecting a baby? Perhaps you know someone who is. Or maybe it is in your future.
Let me introduce you to a spectacular friend of mine, Karen Angstadt
Karen is a very unique individual and if any of you already know her, I am sure you understand. We have had some pretty amazing conversations and I believe you too will be impressed with her knowledge and spirit.
How can you meet Karen? She will be giving a free tele-class on July 8th at 1pm ET called Mindful Pregnancy, Inner Preparation for Birth. For details check out her video here:
Thank you Karen for doing this. Pregnancy and childbirth should be a wonderful experience for all involved. Unfortunately, today we are bombarded with unnecessary medical practices, unwanted opinions and plain old lies.
Please pass the word to other woman about Intentional Birth and don’t forget to tell them about E.C.H.O. too. ..Dotty Scalco
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has…Margaret Mead.

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Please help out June 25, 2009

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I believe we are all from the same source, therefore what we do to our brother, we do to ourselves.
Medical practices all over the world, ( including the US )  are in critical need of change. What is happening in the UK, is unjust. Children’s are suffering from severe bowel disorders and are being refused treatment.
Why?  Because they are autistic and the parents are blaming the MMR for intestinal distress.
Below is an email from a friend in the UK and a petition I am asking you to sign. Please pass it on to others.
Thanks for helping and getting the word out…
Dotty Scalco
Be the voice for a child!!!

We all have a goal and it is to protect our young children.   Did you

receive the undernoted links regarding Andrew Wakefield and two other doctors- the General Medical Council are trying to crucify these doctors because of the MMR vaccine- if they succeed what will happen is that no doctor in the UK or abroad will be able to stand up and defend a child that he or she believes has been injured by a vaccine.

That is the bottom line.   Hope you and any of your friends will be able to

sign the petition.  Thank you so much.

Please pass it on and get thousands of signatures’ as soon as possible. Don’t let them get away with this.


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1976 must see video June 23, 2009

Two things I am thankful for: Divine Power and the Internet.
Need to see this. It is a segment from 60 Minutes back in 1976. This was when journalism was authentic.
The subject…..The Swine Flu Pandemic and the dangers of the shot.
Here we are 30 years later and they are at it again. ……pass this on!  Dotty Scalco

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problems with tenpenny file?

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Seems some are not getting Dr Tenpenny’s file correctly. Not sure why, it is working fine on this end.
See attached file on bottom of page. if this does not work please let me know. I will use another format.
Thanks for the responses, Dotty

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Dr. Tenpenny: The Truth about the Flu shot June 22, 2009

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Alright folks, this could be the one they have been talking about. I have been keeping in touch with activists from other countries and it seems to be a global plan to vaccinate with the swine flu shot this fall or sooner. Also stockpiles of Tamiflu are on hand.

This is NOT to scare you, but to educate you on how you can be prepared.
Many of you know I think very highly of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. She is without a doubt one of the most informed physicians in the US.  She has asked everyone to pass this info along. Please read. You want your family to be the healthiest they can be.  Educate before you vaccinate!!!
Blessings and good health, Dotty Scalco
Please see the attached pdf file. It has lots of bullet points about the swine flu shot. Please paste this far and wide. Thank youl

Dr Sherri

Attachment 1: The Truth about the Flu Shot.pdf (application/pdf)

Educating on Children’s Health Options
ECHO the truth.
Be a voice for your child

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MMR Causes Autism – Another Win In US Federal Court June 16, 2009

Sent from the Vaccine Injury Coalition:
Julia a three year old US citizen has just won substantial compensation in the
US Federal Court for autism caused by MMR vaccine – says her mother.
What is different about this case? They kept the “autism” word out of the case.
Many parents in other US cases have been advised to do this:-
CBS News has found that since 1988, the vaccine court has awarded money judgments, often in the millions of dollars, to thirteen hundred and twenty two families whose children suffered brain damage from vaccines. In many . cases, the government paid out awards following a judicial finding that vaccine injury lead to the child’s autism spectrum disorder. In each of these cases, the plaintiffs’ attorneys made the same tactical decision made by Bailey Bank’s lawyer, electing to opt out of the highly charged Omnibus Autism Proceedings and argue their autism cases in the regular vaccine court. In many other successful
cases, attorneys elected to steer clear of the hot button autism issue
altogether and seek recovery instead for the underlying brain damage that caused
their client’s autism.”: [Vaccine Court: Autism Debate Continues – Robert F.
Kennedy, Jr. and David Kirby Huffington Post 24 Feb 2009]

Julia’s Mom emphasises Julia has no formal diagnosis of autism and says:-

after Julia’s last neuro appointment when her dr said she had signs of autism. I
didn’t want that “word” in her records until Julia’s case was decided.

Julia’s diagnosis was “Encephalitis (inflammation of her brain) most likely
attributed to the MMR-V (measles, mumps, reubella, chicken pox) vaccine she had
received nine days previously.

I do not want this to be misunderstood. She was never formally diagnosed. Do I
think that there is a link between vaccines and Autism, absolutely. Is Julia
Autistic? I’m not sure.”

[See our related story: Japanese Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism]

However, there is good research to show ASD is a condition resulting from an
encephalopathy (a degenerative disease of the brain). Encephalopathies are
normally caused by an infection (90% of the time), and most often we will expect
a viral infection. MMR contains three live viruses. [See also Explaining
Vaccines Autism & Mitochondrial Dysfunction/Disorder]

If this is what compensation means for Julia’s Mom think of all the families and
children who should never have got sick in the first place and will never get
compensation just because they used the “autism” word. Julia’s Mom says she

accepting the loss of the world as i knew it before she got sick, before my
divorce, before i lost my house.

This is such a huge, huge, huge help for Julia and my family”

Does it help to think your child is “just a little bit” autistic but still
injured and in need of financial help with medical care for life? Autism
Spectrum Conditions are a spectrum from very mild to incapacitating.

Not only does it not end like this for other families – some children die as
this 2005 Federal Court decision in a case very similar to Julia’s shows [and
which took 9 years to achieve a decision]:-

Eric Fernandez Cusati v Secretary for Health and Human Services

How many cases are like these ones? Who knows the exact number – the majority
of decisions are never published – kept in secret. And then there are all the
cases the US Secretary of Health and Human Services settles – also kept in
secret. No one publicly knows for sure how many.

Thanks to Julia’s Mom for telling us all about this one case.

And with 1 in 38 British boys with an autistic condition [and the problem is not
just autism] the question must be asked – how many children who would otherwise
have grown up healthy are going to continue to be sacrificed and claimed to be
for the very few but in reality for drug company profits in their move to a new
business model based on “vaccines for all”. [Autism Rates Rocket – 1 in 38
British Boys – Cambridge Study ]

Today it is your kid. Tomorrow it is you.

New Report Forecasts More Than Doubling of Vaccine Sales by 2013 – MarketWatch
Jun 11, 2009 – Kalorama News Release

Kids’ vaccine market set to quadruple – Drug Researcher – By Anna Lewcock

Julia’s Story
[by her Mom]
Julia was born a healthy baby on 12-28-05. She was a delight to her family and

On January 5th, 2007, one week after her 1st birthday, our family’s lives
changed forever. Julia (unknowingly to her family) had been seizing in her crib
most of the night, was transported to the nearest ER for stabilization, and then
airlifted to Miami Children’s hospital, where she stayed in PICU and the
neurology ward for close to one month.

Her diagnosis? Encephalitis (inflammation of her brain) most likely attributed
to the MMR-V (measles, mumps, reubella, chicken pox) vaccine she had received
nine days previously. When Julia left the hospital, she was functioning at a two
month level. She was (and in some respects still is) globally delayed and with
significant left sided hemiplegia.

It has been over two years since her MMR-V induced encephalitis, and Julia has
come a long way, but has a very long way to go. Julia lives with her brother,
Jack who is six and so understanding of her. She also lives with her mom, Susan.
Her father recently moved out of state following her parent’s divorce. Julia and
her family are hanging in there and hope you enjoy her blog! Go Julia!


[Posted by Julia’s Mom – 12 June 2009]


This means that they agreed that the MMR vaccine caused her encephalitis and
resultant brain damage (I mean Marvelous Mind – right Howard!!).

This is such a huge, huge, huge help for Julia and my family. The government
will reimburse all of her past medical expenses (to her, not to us, which I find
a little odd, but OK!) and will pay for all future medical expenses that she
incurs from her vaccine injury. I will update as I find out more.

Her attorney (Ron Homer and/or Kevin Conway) will be flying out here this summer
to evaluate her and her needs with a “life planner” to try to determine what her
needs will be. This is HUGE! HUGE! The VICP rarely concedes…almost never..but
they did for her! AMAZING!

Another funny thing to go along with this…I had just the day before changed my
ringtone on my phone to “Its the end of the world as we know it..and I feel
fine” trying to find a positive ringtone – accepting the loss of the world as i
knew it before she got sick, before my divorce, before i lost my house, and
moving forward – and being fine with it..AND NOW – ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AS I
KNOW IT – AND I REALLY FEEL FINE! SHE has HELP!!!!! Our struggle is going to be

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