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Born at home, finally…. October 20, 2008

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It’s another girl for the Hukin family!!  Now that is one big brother with five little sisters to watch over.

10 days late!!!!

Born October 15th, 2008


9 pounds, 4 ounces

21 inches

This is her, only minutes after being born in our bathtub.  Amy was awoken with labor pains at 3 am.  Woke Simon up about 3:30.  We prepared the bedroom and bathroom for birth and called the midwife around 4.  The midwife and assistants arrived around 5.  Out she popped at 6:21.  It was a peaceful birth with soft music and candlelight.  She didn’t come out crying, she just looked at all of us with as much awe as we looked at her.

So why do we have our babies at home, we’ll have to get to that question soon.  In our minds it’s the only place babies should be born.


Still cooking, can’t believe it October 12, 2008

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41 weeks and still waiting...

41 weeks and still waiting...

Got all my birth supplies ready and waiting (see them in the background), but no baby yet.  Hopefully one day soon I will be holding #6 in my arms instead of in this belly.  Things still are a little unsettled in the house, so until things are settled and things are moving along smoothly I think this baby will stay where it is.  Neat thing about doing things naturally, your body knows when you are ready.

Guess I better get comfortable soon, so this baby can come out without too much effort.  The longer it cooks the bigger it gets!!  Now that is the scariest thought of all.