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E-news February 28, 2009

Hello Listmates,
Can you believe it is March already???
Where does the time go?  I am still cleaning up the mess from Christmas!
Last week I had a garage sale and it was wonderful. What a great way to clean up and make a few bucks.
I tend to give away more things than I sell because I believe we should recycle, and reuse. I would rather give it away than throw it away. Also when the sale is over, I pack up the van with what is left and drive over to Good Will.
Ok, I also bring some things back into the house after I realize, “I could use this”
I do less self gratifying shopping too. Sure it feels good to pick up something cute for myself or the house, but now I ask myself,” do I really need this? ” Not only will we save money by shopping smarter but we can help lessen the load of our already overflowing landfills.
So clean house, have a garage sale and shop less. You will find that once your house is cleaner, you won’t mind staying home so much. I used to get out ( and shop) because I hated looking at my mess all the time. Now I can sit back with a good book or cup of tea and not feel so creeped out. Clutter in your home usually equals clutter in your life.
Here are some declutter tips:
Many of you have heard about the 3 families who recently lost their fight in vaccine court but we rarely hear about the ones who win. The media doesn’t like to upset their sponsors who are mostly pharmaceutical companies. But many do win in court. . Below is an article about a recent WIN, followed by a  US Today ad, sponsored by Generation Rescue, letting it’s readers know about the court decision.
Another Autism Case Wins in Court:
USA Today full page ad published on Wednesday, Feb 25th.
I hate to report these things because truthfully, they make me sick. But we must stay educated and aware!
Babies Exposed to Harmful Toxins in Liquid Medicines
I just subscribed to YES magazine and I love it. In this month’s issue there is an article called ‘A World of Grace’  The link below is an excerpt from that article about all the different ways we say Grace in this world. You may enjoy reading it. No matter what our culture or religion, we really all want the same thing.
Adding More Raw Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet
Can’t get your family to eat the now recommended 7-9 raw fruits and vegetables?
For eight years I have been approached by people trying to get me to buy the perfect vitamin/supplement/ cure all. Although I believe some supplementing is necessary for medicinal reasons I believe we can and should get our nutrients from our food. However, in today’s world, we simply are spending less and less time in the kitchen. We are looking for a fast fix and  many healthy meals take time to prepare; time Americans no longer have. I finally found a product I love and believe in. ( never buy anything without researching it first) It is Juice Plus. This is NOT a vitamin. it is a whole food supplement. JP contains 15 raw fruits, and vegetables plus 2 grains dehydrated and put in capsule or chewable form. It is a great way to get those essential phyto-nutrients that studies prove fight cancer, heart disease, etc. .
Visit my website and read the studies on Juice Plus.
If you are interested  in the Children’s Health Study, please email me privately. For each adult order, Juice Plus will provide  a free supply for a child age 6-15. All you need to do is fill out a questionnaire every 6 months on your child’s health.
Happy March, Happy Spring Cleaning and Cheers to Good  Health.
Dotty Scalco 

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Went to a meeting last night about healthy chocolate and want to know what you think.  Visit and watch one of the videos and tell us what you think.  Do you think it’s crazy? …are you intrigued?  …think it’s impossible?  Tell us what you think!

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John Erb and MSG February 18, 2009

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I have receieved info that John Erb, an activist who speaks out about MSG has been arrested without any criminal charges. My source of info is usually pretty good but who knows for sure. Anyway, his website is well worth visiting.
Dotty Scalco

Educating on Children’s Health Options
ECHO the truth.
Be a voice for your child

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Role of Homoeopathy in the Management of Autism February 8, 2009

This was found online by the founder of The E.C.H.O. Foundation (  Thank you for passing along the information Dotty!!!!

Role of Homoeopathy in the Management of Autism:
Study of Effects of Homoeopathic Treatment on the Autism Triad


Georgia Parenting Conference (CERP sessions for Healthcare Providers) May 1-2

La Leche League of Georgia Annual Conference now registering!!!  $15 off if you register by March 1st!!!

Check it out!  The featured speakers are:

Marian Thompson, co-founder of La Leche League and Another Look

Dr. Bob Sears

Diana West, IBCLC

Lysa Parker, co-founder of Attachment Parenting Intenational




Microwave Ovens

This came on one of my yahoo groups the other day, it was passed from another one…


Just sharing.


I received this email from our local Elgin Weston Price Chapter.  Out of

curiosity I will probably do this experiment myself to witness it with my

own eyes.



Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 08:06:52 -0800

Subject: Fw: [WestonAPriceElginIllinoisChapter] photo’s and short article

re: Microwave ovens


Subject: [WestonAPriceElginIllinoisChapter] photo’s and short article re:

Microwave ovens

Date: Thursday, February 5, 2009, 3:00 PM


I have known for years that the problem with microwaved anything is not the

radiation people used to worry about, It’s how it corrupts the DNA in the

food so the body can not recognize it. So the body wraps it in fat cells to

protect itself from the dead food or it eliminates it fast. Think of all the

Mothers heating up milk in these ‘Safe’ appliances. What about the nurse in

Canadathat warmed up blood for a transfusion patient and accidentally killed

them when the blood went in dead. But the makers say it’s safe. But proof is

in the pictures of living plants dying.




Prepared By: William P. Kopp


A. R. E. C. Research Operations

TO61-7R10/10- 77F05



Ten Reasons to Throw out your Microwave Oven


From the conclusions of the Swiss, Russian and German scientific clinical

studies, we can no longer ignore the microwave oven sitting in our kitchens.

Based on this research, we will conclude this article with the following:


1) Continually eating food processed from a microwave oven causes long term

– permanent – brain damage by ‘shorting out’ electrical impulses in the

brain [de-polarizing or de-magnetizing the brain tissue].


2) The human body cannot metabolize [break down] the unknown by-products

created in microwaved food.


3) Male and female hormone production is shut down and/or altered by

continually eating microwaved foods.


4) The effects of microwaved food by-products are residual [long term,

permanent] within the human body.


5) Minerals, vitamins, and nutrients of all microwaved food is reduced or

altered so that the human body gets little or no benefit, or the human body

absorbs altered compounds that cannot be broken down.


6) The minerals in vegetables are altered into cancerous free radicals when

cooked in microwave ovens.


7). Microwaved foods cause stomach and intestinal cancerous growths

[tumors]. This may explain the rapidly increased rate of colon cancer in

America .


8). The prolonged eating of microwaved foods causes cancerous cells to

increase in human blood.


9) Continual ingestion of microwaved food causes immune system deficiencies

through lymph gland and blood serum alterations.


10) Eating microwaved food causes loss of memory, concentration, emotional

instability, and a decrease of intelligence.


Have you tossed out your microwave oven yet? After you throw out your

microwave, you can use a toaster oven as a replacement. It works well for

most and is nearly as quick. The use of artificial microwave transmissions

for subliminal psychological control, a.k.a. ‘brainwashing’ , has also been

proven. We’re attempting to obtain copies of the 1970’s Russian research

documents and results written by Drs. Luria and Perov specifying their

clinical experiments in this area.