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18 years ago… July 24, 2017

Eighteen years ago, I had this brand new, sweet and healthy, blue-eyed, chubby little girl. After her first round of vaccines she stopped growing. At four months old I was told to start solids early to try to get her to gain weight; that just weakened her immune system and she got sick. She was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive soon afterwards. At this point she was so tired of throwing up after each feeding that she would nurse as little as possible and suck her fingers instead to avoid it.

On my own accord, I had began weeks earlier trying to change our families diet for the better to fix some issues. I took away dairy, then wheat, but it wasn't until I took out gluten that I noticed that the baby stopped throwing up after nursing. It only took three days of that and it was gone. After my daughter was no longer reacting to the food I ate, I worked several months to wean her from sucking her fingers and taught her to be a good little nurser. She was able to maintain her weight and slowly gain weight, she was weight checked every month and continued all her scheduled "well" visits. At a year old, she was only sixteen pounds, but she had good muscle tone and was content. She didn't start to gain weight at a more normal rate until I stopped vaccinating her after eighteen months old. She had a growth spurt years later, when I started detoxing her body of the vaccines.

At the same time my daughter stopped throwing up, I also noticed that our new gluten free diet had cleared my two year olds infant acne that he had since he started solids. This started the long journey to where I am today and the decisions I make about food, medicine, doctors, child- rearing, education, etc.

Over the years I have gone through times that I doubted what I had learned and I tried to just forget about it all, but there was always a physical or emotional side effect from someone making me go back to it. Believe me, it is not easy to be the odd one out, never fitting in, and having very little support.

So before you try to educate me with the latest research, please consider that I have already done the research and have seen the results myself. You can find research out there to support any outcome you would like to believe, but how do you know what is real? I live with the results everyday. Please don't try to dis-prove me, all you end up doing is discounting the last eighteen years of my life, with or without realizing it. We all try to do what is the very best for our children, I am no different. Please respect that and the things I do and I will do the same for you. I am all for knowledge and research, but do your own research, or at least research where the research is coming from. You'll be surprised at some of the sources and who funds specific research. I trust what I have learned from my own experiences as a mother and as a volunteer who has helped many new mothers. I've seen the results myself, not in theory.


Good Presentation on Aluminum by Dr David Ayoub January 9, 2009

This was an email sent to Dotty Scalco (The E.C.H.O Foundation) from Sheri Nakken.

Dotty Says: 
It is a great presentation. What astounds me is all the well documented research on the dangers of vaccines that continues to be ignored. Many worry about the mercury preservative, thimerosal, but we need to be well aware that many other ingredients are highly toxic. Aluminum will most likely be the next ingredient we wil fight to have removed from vaccines but how many more years and how many more lives will it take to get the complete truth?
Also if you go to the bottom of this email, you will see Sheri teaches on line courses. They are extraordinary and highly suggested if you still feel unsure and confused about childhood diseases, vaccines and the medical practices we impose on our families. I took her homeopathy class a few years ago and use the knowledge in order to restore health to my family. Homeopathy is a very safe and effective method and really needs to be explored. If you are interested in any of her classes, please look at them now as they are starting up soon. ( and well worth the money..I always tell Sheri, her fees are too cheap. The information is priceless, but her true passion is to teach, not to make money. )
Blessings for a safe, happy and healthy new year!
Dotty Scalco

Check this out – This is a great presentation on one of the ingredients
in vaccines that is not being discussed nearly as much as thimerosol
and it appears from his research that it is far more dangerous to the
human body. The presentation is called, “Beyond Thimerosol”. If this
link doesn’t work just google “Beyond Thimerosol David Ayoub”. It is
definitely eye opening.
GoogleVideo presentation

Some thimerosal but should be titled differently – MOSTLY on aluminum
– terrifying and incredible

Ties in with gardasil with huge amounts of aluminum, aluminum in
infancy vaccines, shaken baby syndrome really being aluminum
toxicity, interference with coagulation


Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath
Vaccination Information & Choice Network, Nevada City CA & Wales UK
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