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ENOUGH!! July 28, 2009

Good morning list mates.
Tired of my flu vaccine news? Well so am I. Trust me I have plenty of other things I would like to be doing right now but my inbox is full and it is making me a bit apprehensive.
Some of the emails are just plain scary and those I just ignore after a shot of tequila. I try not to live in fear. I truly believe if we educate and stay focused and faithful, it will all work out in the end. Surely there is a Divine plan going on, so as long as I do my part ( we are all here for a reason) and do it with good intentions then everything will be fine ( Maybe that is the tequila talking )
Ok, to be honest, I am drinking coffee but it is a darn good cup.
The link below is a list of a few webnars to help educate. I can not and will not stress it enough, the importance of getting this info out before the untested, unapproved flu vaccine hits the shelves. For the past 10 years the REAL vaccine educators have been talking about this one coming. Never before in the history of medicine has a global vaccine plan of this size been in the making. Trust me folks I am getting mail from all over the world.
The 3 webnars listed here are from doctors who have been at this for years. They know their stuff. I am going to let this subject go for awhile and get back to what really interests me…HEALING.
So good bye for now and I look forward to putting together a newsletter with lots of good, positive info.
Blessings, Dotty Scalco

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