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Cancer Article April 16, 2009

An worthy article forwarded from our friend Caty who has her own organic skin care product line.  The link to her products is on this blog if you are interested; look for Lazuli Organics.


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Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 22:03:06 -0400
Subject: Cancer Article

I found this article the other day and think that though its brief, its very

I think it’ll help people understand a little more of why we have changed our
eating habits and why I’ve created my organic cosmetic care line…..



All of us have cancer cells in our bodies. But not all of us will develop
cancer.” So says Dr David Servan-Schreiber, author of Anti Cancer: A New Way
of Life. This fascinating book explains the scientific facts behind cancer
in clear and convincing tones. 

Is there a cancer epidemic?

Servan-Schreiber describes a cancer epidemic affecting the wealthiest
countries in the world. Since 1940 the number of cancers has increased in
all industrialised countries. This trend has picked up since 1975 and is
particularly striking in the young. In some European countries, such as
France, the cancer rate has increased by 60 per cent in the last twenty
years. The incidence of prostate cancer has risen by 200 per cent in some
European countries between 1978 and 2000, by 258 per cent in the USA over
the same period. The argument that the increase is due to early screening
leading to more diagnoses does not hold water. The increase in cancers that
are not routinely screened for is equally striking if not more so, than
those that are.

What’s behind the increase in cancer?

According to the general director of the World Health Organisation (WHO),
“Up to 80 per cent of cancers may be influenced by external factors, such as
lifestyle and the environment.” In particular, three major factors have
changed in our environment since World War Two:

  1. The addition of large quantities of highly refined sugar to our diet
  2. Changes in methods of farming and raising animals, and as a result, in our food
  3. Exposure to a large number of chemical products that didn’t exist before 1940

The anti-cancer diet

Dr Servan-Schreiber recommends a diet balanced in Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils,
low in animal protein and dairy, and high in fresh (preferably organic)
fruits and vegetables. The book comes with a handy shopping guide which
recommends a range of foods which fight the growth of cancer in the body.

Chemicals and cancer

Of course, what interests me most is the influence of the chemicals in our
environment on the increase in cancer. Here’s an excerpt from the book:
“WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer keeps a list of
carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substances in the environment. In the past
thirty years, it has tested 900 potential culprits (a tiny proportion of
over 100,000 molecules released by industry since 1940, at a rate of several
million tonnes a year). “Among these 900 products submitted to the
International Agency for Research on Cancer… only one has been recognised
as non-carcinogenic.

Ninety-five have been identified as a ‘known carcinogen’ (i.e. there have
been enough epidemiological studies and animal research to establish cause
and effect). “Three hundred and seven are ‘probable’ or ‘possible’
carcinogens. Four hundred and ninety-seven remain ‘unclassified’, which
means they have not been sufficiently studied.” In many cases, these
substances continue to be widely used. Of course, industrialists argue that
consumers are exposed to very low levels of such chemicals. However a trial
of 400 chemicals (a representative sample of 75,000 on the market at the
time) found that 5-10 per cent of these chemicals were carcinogenic for
humans. Five to ten per cent of 75,000 means we are regularly exposed to
3,750 – 7,500 carcinogens, which makes it less reassuring that each one may
be less than a toxic dose, given that the total toxicity then comes to 37 to
to 75 times the toxic dose in animals!

So what can we do to protect ourselves?

Rethink dry cleaning – Servan-Schreiber recommends avoiding
perchloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene in dry cleaning by airing out your
dry cleaned garments in fresh air for several hours before wearing, or going
for wet cleaning, liquid CO2 or silicon.

Avoid aluminium – He tells us to avoid deodorants and antiperspirants
containing aluminium, especially for women who shave their armpits as this
facilitates the penetration of aluminium.

Avoid Phthalates by using natural cosmetics According to Servan-Schreiber,
we should avoid cosmetics, shampoo, lotions, gels, hair dye, nail polish and
sunscreen containing oestrogens, parabens or phthalates, and perfumes
containing phthalates (nearly all of them do).

Use green household cleaners – He further warns against chemical household
pesticides and insecticides, heating plastic containers made with PVCs,
preparing food in scratched Teflon pans and common cleaning products such as
liquid detergents, disinfectants and toilet-bowl sanitisers.

Beat the chemical overload

To me, it is blindingly obvious that the wide range of chemicals we plaster
on ourselves and liberally use around our homes, together with the countless
pesticides we are ingesting, contribute to the epidemic of cancer. It makes
sense to make different choices. Green, natural and organic skin care and
beauty products and household products are effective and benefit our health
and that of the world around us. Servan-Schreiber himself suffered from
cancer which disappeared after surgery and then reappeared. By changing his
lifestyle dramatically, he managed to beat it. This book is fascinating
reading not only because of the clear, balanced and well-argued way the
evidence is presented (as you would expect from an eminent scientist and
doctor). It is also riveting because of the personal experience the author
refers to throughout. I highly recommend it. You can pick up a copy at all
major book stores in Australia.

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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs April 10, 2009


Tell Burger King and Nick, Sex and kids don’t mix April 7, 2009

Some things get me a little annoyed, somethings get me pissed, and somethings get me crazy mad.
This makes me crazy made. It is bad enough Burger King promotes unhealthy food to our children, but this kind of advertising is down right appalling.
Please watch the commercial and follow the link to let them know you are crazy mad too.
Blessings, Dotty Scalco

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here is your chance to do something for Earth March 27, 2009

Tomorrow the planet is celebrating Earth Hour.
Between 8:30 AND 9:30 pm,  people from all over the world are participating in Earth Hour.
One hour of turning OFF the lights
Just do it…ONE HOUR. Sit in the candlelight, play a game, go outside and watch the stars.
I am not asking I am begging.You will be so glad you did.
here is an awesome site for the kids to learn and play about Earth hour.
For the big folks,
For my local listmates,
While I am at it, a great friend of mine and I will be at Nutrition S’mart in Port St. Lucie, hosting a kids cooking class at 1:00pm. tomorrow.
Come with the kids or just stop by a fantastic store and check us out!
Love, blessings and abundance,

Educating on Children’s Health Options
ECHO the truth.
Be a voice for your child

Posted via email from amyandsimon’s posterous article about benefits of dark chocolate March 21, 2009

Thank you to Dotty at the E.C.H.O Foundation for finding and forwarding this article to me.


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> hey amy, i was checking out your website and then…I saw this,
> Benefits of dark chocolate:
> May want to pass it on to customers or blog.
> Dotty
> —
> E.C.H.O.
> Educating on Children’s Health Options
> ECHO the truth.
> Be a voice for your child

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Vitamin K March 17, 2009

   When my son was diagnosed with autism, I made it my business to find out why. I began to learn about our intricate immune system and realized that vaccines and many other medical interventions really did not make any sense at all.
   People would often ask me about the vitamin K shot infants get at birth. I never had any real answers or valid studies but I just knew it couldn’t be good for ALL babies. Sure some infants are at risk of  HDN (Haemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn) but it is very rare.
Is there a reason, other than monetary, that all infants should receive it?
Also, I never really knew what was in the Vitamin K shot, besides synthetic Vitamin K of course, so that made me nervous.
   Next there is my belief that the skin is the body’s largest defense mechanism. We shouldn’t be poking holes in it. The body is NOT designed to receive ANYTHING intravenously.
Sure in emergency situations a shot of penicillin or benadryl can save a life but once again we overuse and abuse this procedure and pay the consequences. (autoimmunity).
from Ingri Cassel of Vaccination Liberation.
Good stuff on HDN and the Vitamin K shot. Please read it and pass it along.
We need to stick up for ourselves and just say ” NO”, to mandated hospital procedures.
In fact, I say have your babies at home.
Blessings, Dotty Scalco

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Hello guys,


This is FYI for those who expressed interest in the supplement I am taking to sleep better, feel happier and be overall healthier.  I have my MIL on it to decrease her meds for high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes, as well as to help her lose a few pounds, have more energy and be healthier herself.  It is really easy to take as it is my favorite thing in the world — chocolate!  Ask anyone, I am a chocolate fanatic.  Now I don’t have to feel bad about it.

Xocai – The Most Healthy Chocolate has launched a new product.  Xobiotic–probiotics with healthy chocolate, to add to their other seven great products: Activ–liquid chocolate, X Power Squares, Nuggets, Protein Bars, Omega Squares, X Powerhouse Cookies and Sipping Chocolate.

What is Healthy Chocolate?

Cold-processed Belgian cocoa powder, acai berry, and blueberry. High levels of antioxidants (no green tea extract).  No caffeine, preservatives, fillers, waxes, processed sugar or trans fats.  Xocai is full of antioxidants, diabetic-friendly, high in fiber, boosts sense of well-being, increases energy and tastes great!

Why do I need Healthy Chocolate?

It’s simple!  These products are produced with unprocessed, non-alkalized, non-lecithinized cacao powder and are then combined with the acai berry and blueberry.  The combination of these ingredients in their natural state provides a tasty product packed with powerful antioxidants.

Chocolate products found on store shelves use processed cocoa powder and sugars, along with bad fats, fillers, waxes, preservatives and high amounts of calories.

GREAT NEWS from my team:


HEADS UP!!!!! 

There will be a special announcement tonight on the MONDAY NIGHT LIVE
CALL . . . (however – since our own Marcy P was on the XOCAI 7 DAY
Cruise – she had inside information!!!)

On Thursday . . . there will be a ONE DAY ONLY – Buy 2 Xobiotic’s get 1 FREE
. .
What an amazing offer for this terrific product.

If you haven’t tried it or tasted it  – it is the tastiest chocolate yet!  I was blown away at how important probiotics are for you!. . . Check out all the good news about it at!  As you know – traditionally there are only discounted offers with new product launches – so don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

This will be a perfect opportunity for new distributors/wholesale customers or to upgrade or just get a supply for yourself of this awesome new product!!!

Let me know if you want more details!  Also, for the first time ever there will be a corporate meeting in Atlanta (the company is only three years old and Atlanta is a new market) on the evening of March 19th.  If you want to hear directly from the original members about this product this is going to be a great opportunity.


Amy Hukin


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High Fructose Corn Syrup

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This is an article sent to us from our friend Alex in FL.


We all knew High Fructose Corn Syrup was not good for us is why!  

From Dr. Andrew Weil



Q     Corn Syrup: What’s That Sweet Taste?

      What is the difference between corn syrup and high fructose corn
syrup?  Should both of them be avoided?
A     Answer (Published 10/7/2008)
      Corn syrup was invented in 1882. It is made by enzymatic conversion of
cornstarch to a syrup mostly containing glucose (also known as blood sugar
or dextrose). It is available for home use (as Karo syrup and maple-flavored
pancake syrup for example) and is used commercially to sweeten many
manufactured foods, from salad dressing, drink mixes, and fruit drinks to
puddings, ice milk, and tomato sauces. The glucose content of corn syrup can
range from 20 percent to 98 percent, but when you see “corn syrup” listed on
a product label, you have no way of knowing how much glucose it contains.

      Corn syrup that has been concentrated to contain less than 10% water
can be described as “corn syrup solids” on a product label. That ingredient is
at least 88 percent glucose.

      Alternatively, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) was invented in 1957,
but did not come into widespread commercial use until the late 1970s. It is made
by using other enzymes to convert glucose to fructose. It is as sweet as
table sugar (sucrose) but much cheaper. HFCS was initially considered a
“revolutionary” food science innovation because it retains moisture and
prevents drying, controls crystallization, and blends with other sweeteners,
acids and flavorings. Manufacturers love it, and it is now the principal
sweetener used in processed and junk foods – everything from soft drinks and
juices to salad dressings, ketchup, jams, jellies and ice cream.
      HFCS contains 14 percent fructose. Never before in history have so
many people been consuming so much fructose. I am concerned about its possible
disruptive effects on metabolism, including its potential to cause insulin
resistance  (causing numerous health problems, including Type 2 Diabetes,
abdominal obesity) . Along with a growing number of experts, I believe that
HFCS is a chief driver of the obesity epidemic in this country, particularly
of childhood obesity. I deplore our government’s role in making HFCS so
cheap through federal subsidies of corn production.

      In general, it is best to cut down on foods to which any sweeteners
have been added. All of them contribute to the obesity epidemic that is
threatening the health of so many Americans. But HFCS is the worst, different from and
possibly more dangerous than ordinary corn syrup. I urge you not to buy
products made with it and not to let your kids eat them. HFCS is a marker of
low-quality foods. Avoid them.

      Andrew Weil, M.D.

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E-news February 28, 2009

Hello Listmates,
Can you believe it is March already???
Where does the time go?  I am still cleaning up the mess from Christmas!
Last week I had a garage sale and it was wonderful. What a great way to clean up and make a few bucks.
I tend to give away more things than I sell because I believe we should recycle, and reuse. I would rather give it away than throw it away. Also when the sale is over, I pack up the van with what is left and drive over to Good Will.
Ok, I also bring some things back into the house after I realize, “I could use this”
I do less self gratifying shopping too. Sure it feels good to pick up something cute for myself or the house, but now I ask myself,” do I really need this? ” Not only will we save money by shopping smarter but we can help lessen the load of our already overflowing landfills.
So clean house, have a garage sale and shop less. You will find that once your house is cleaner, you won’t mind staying home so much. I used to get out ( and shop) because I hated looking at my mess all the time. Now I can sit back with a good book or cup of tea and not feel so creeped out. Clutter in your home usually equals clutter in your life.
Here are some declutter tips:
Many of you have heard about the 3 families who recently lost their fight in vaccine court but we rarely hear about the ones who win. The media doesn’t like to upset their sponsors who are mostly pharmaceutical companies. But many do win in court. . Below is an article about a recent WIN, followed by a  US Today ad, sponsored by Generation Rescue, letting it’s readers know about the court decision.
Another Autism Case Wins in Court:
USA Today full page ad published on Wednesday, Feb 25th.
I hate to report these things because truthfully, they make me sick. But we must stay educated and aware!
Babies Exposed to Harmful Toxins in Liquid Medicines
I just subscribed to YES magazine and I love it. In this month’s issue there is an article called ‘A World of Grace’  The link below is an excerpt from that article about all the different ways we say Grace in this world. You may enjoy reading it. No matter what our culture or religion, we really all want the same thing.
Adding More Raw Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet
Can’t get your family to eat the now recommended 7-9 raw fruits and vegetables?
For eight years I have been approached by people trying to get me to buy the perfect vitamin/supplement/ cure all. Although I believe some supplementing is necessary for medicinal reasons I believe we can and should get our nutrients from our food. However, in today’s world, we simply are spending less and less time in the kitchen. We are looking for a fast fix and  many healthy meals take time to prepare; time Americans no longer have. I finally found a product I love and believe in. ( never buy anything without researching it first) It is Juice Plus. This is NOT a vitamin. it is a whole food supplement. JP contains 15 raw fruits, and vegetables plus 2 grains dehydrated and put in capsule or chewable form. It is a great way to get those essential phyto-nutrients that studies prove fight cancer, heart disease, etc. .
Visit my website and read the studies on Juice Plus.
If you are interested  in the Children’s Health Study, please email me privately. For each adult order, Juice Plus will provide  a free supply for a child age 6-15. All you need to do is fill out a questionnaire every 6 months on your child’s health.
Happy March, Happy Spring Cleaning and Cheers to Good  Health.
Dotty Scalco 

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Georgia Parenting Conference (CERP sessions for Healthcare Providers) May 1-2 February 8, 2009

La Leche League of Georgia Annual Conference now registering!!!  $15 off if you register by March 1st!!!

Check it out!  The featured speakers are:

Marian Thompson, co-founder of La Leche League and Another Look

Dr. Bob Sears

Diana West, IBCLC

Lysa Parker, co-founder of Attachment Parenting Intenational