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Beyond Organics Business / organic free range beef, organic cheese, probiotic water May 2, 2011

FYI: It’s free to join now so I figured, “why not?”

There’s a new direct sales company launching in October My friend Caty (the
research queen) researched it and sent me this info. …It’s all
ORGANIC, green fed beef (that’s also kosher too!), organic raw cheeses,
organic probiotics, organic probiotics CHOCOLATE etc…….!! Its actually
Jordan Rubin’s company- he sold garden of life for 75 million and started
this company by purchasing a farm in missouri….. His MOUNTAIN spring
water is all in BPA free bottles and also created a probiotic water for
those who can’t do dairy….in 1 day 1500 people have joined. For those who
join right now its FREE before they launch…..once it launches it will be
an initial fee ( from my understanding) then the plans will begin $40 and
highest is $200…….( business plans) This is a great way for all of us to
earn FREE ORGANIC GRASS FED foods!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also those who sign up
BEFORE the launch will receive special royalties from the company!

If you are interested you should listen to the next webinar which will be on
MAY 24TH @ 8:30 PM.

Also there is a PRELAUNCH to try all the foods on JULY 11-13 IN west palm
beach ( also doing some in missouri etc….)

If you want to see and read about all the new products, I can send you a recruitment link on the link.

Check it out and join, it’s free and maybe you’ll be able to get a discount on some good stuff. That is why I joined…


One Response to “Beyond Organics Business / organic free range beef, organic cheese, probiotic water”

  1. Well the actual launch happened last week and we went ahead and signed up as a business owner so we could get the products at wholesale prices. Well so far we are not disappointed. The cheese and meat are very good, so good we decided to put them on autoship. So 12 lbs of ground beef, 2 pounds of cheese (for now), 12 packets of hotdogs, 1 case of chocolate and a case of water, so far and that is just for our family.

    We can’t wait to try the rest of the products, they should arrive this week.

    Did anyone else decide to go ahead and join? If so let us know what you think of the products. If you want me to try some of the products, let us know and you can come by for taste. Website to see what they have is

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