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knew this was coming. September 11, 2009

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This was sent to me from another list. FREEDOM????? Not sure what to say..Dotty Scalco

This is a story from ABC news about a 17 year old girl whose application for citizenship will be rejected if she does not take the Gardasil vaccination. She has been living in the US since she was 3 years old. Even though she is not yet a citizen and therefore falls into a different category, 18 states are considering making the vaccine mandatory. The last line in the article says it all: “How can they call this America, the land of the free?” she asked. “Where are my parental rights?” It is not a long article, and definitely worth the read.

http://abcnews. ReproductiveHeal th/gardasil- vaccine-roadbloc k-citizenship/ Story?id= 8542051&page= 1

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