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medical vs chiropractic, homeopathy and osteopathy September 3, 2009

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From Tedd Koren  DC:

For thousands of years mankind has survived in harmony with the cycles of sickness and health by understanding that acute illness often serves a purpose to cleanse, strengthen and heal and by suppressing symptoms with fever reducers and other drugs, chemicals and vaccines we interfere with natural healing and create more damage.

Hippocrates, the “father of medicine” understood this well as he said: “Diseases are crises of purification, of toxic elimination. Symptoms are the natural defenses of the body. We call them diseases, but in fact they are the cure of diseases.”

The famous medical historian Dr. Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D. viewed our “catching” infectious illness, whether flu or measles as ultimately beneficial. 

            “Contracting and overcoming childhood diseases are part of a             developmental process that actually helps develop a healthy, robust, adult       immune system able to meet the challenges that inevitable encounters     with viruses and bacteria will present later on.” Coulter HL. Vaccination,     Social   Violence and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American             Brain. Washington, DC: Center for Empirical Medicine. 1990.

More recent papers reveal that, among its other benefits, acute illness protects against cancer.  One fascinating paper reported: 

            “The study consistently revealed a lower cancer risk for patients with a             history of febrile infectious childhood diseases.”  Albonico HU, Braker HU,     Husler J. Febrile infectious childhood diseases in the history of cancer patients and        matched controls.  Medical Hypotheses. 1998;51(4):315-320.

Other researchers have found that getting colds and flu bringing protection from cancer:

            “Researchers interviewed those with carcinomas of the stomach, colon,         rectum, breast, and ovary and reported, “A history of common colds or          influenza prior to the interview was found to be associated with a      decreased cancer risk.”  Abel U, Becker N, Angerer R et al. Common             infections in the history of cancer patients and controls. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 1991;117(4);339-344.

But these days people ask “How can I “fight” the flu?” I need to remind them that that this antagonistic approach was done in the past with horrible consequences.  We don’t have to curse the darkness, we need to light a candle.

Let’s look at history.

The flu plague of 1918-19 took 500,000 American lives and over 30 million lives worldwide. However, most of the deaths were found to be due to bacterial infections, not the flu. Keith P. Klugman, Christina Mills Astley, and Marc Lipsitch. Time from Illness Onset to Death, 1918 Influenza and Pneumococcal Pneumonia. Emerging Infectious Diseaes. Volume 15, Number 2 February 2009

The horrific medical mortality rate

Why such a terrible death rate under medical care?  Most all the deaths appeared to occur not in spite of medical care, but because of medical care.

Look at these statistics of the mortality rate under medical care:

n      The mortality rate in US military hospitals averaged 36%.

n      The mortality rate in US medical hospitals was 30%- 40%,

n       A mortality rate of 68% was in New York City hospitals.Patterson MM. Osteopathic methods and the great flu pandemic of 1917-1918. J Am Osteopath Assoc.2000; 100:309 -310.

The chiropractic, osteopathic, homeopathic  mortality rate

Under traditional osteopathy, chiropractic and homeopathy practicing MDs, the death rate was negligible.  

For example, here is an osteopathic report:

n      2445 osteopaths treating 110,122 patients with influenza reported a mortality of 0.25%.

n      The 400-bed Mass Osteopathic Hospital, in Boston, also reported a mortality of 0.25%.  Walter GW. The First School of Osteopathic Medicine. Kirksville, Mo: The Thomas Jefferson University Press at Northeast Missouri State University; 1992:95 . 

Similarly chiropractors reported saving nearly every patient:

n      Davenport, Iowa: MDs lost one patient out of every 15 (6,116 deaths from 93,590 patients) while Chiropractors at the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa had but one death out of 1,635 cases of the flu.

n       Iowa Doctors of Chiropractic reported 1 death out of 866. Rhodes WR: “The Official History of Chiropractic in Texas.” Texas Chiropractic Association. Austin, TX. 1978.and “Chiropractic Statistics.” The Chiropractic Research and Review Service. Burton Shields Press. Indianapolis, IN. 1925.

Those medical doctors practicing homeopathy reported great success:

  • “In a plant of 8,000 workers we had only one death. The patients were not drugged to death. Gelsemium was practically the only remedy used. We used no aspirin and no vaccines.” Frank Wieland, MD
  • “I did not lose a single case of influenza; my death rate in the pneumonias was 2.1%. Aspirin and quinine were almost the sole standbys of the old school and it was a common thing to hear them speaking of losing 60% of their pneumonias.” Dudley A. Williams, MD. Winston J. Influenza-1918: Homeopathy to the Rescue. The New England Journal of Homeopathy. Spring/Summer 1998, Vol.7 No.1
n       Homeopathic physicians in Philadelphia reported a mortality rate of 1.05% for the more than 26,000 flu patients they treated. WA Dewey MD. Winston J. Influenza-1918: Homeopathy to the Rescue. The New England Journal of Homeopathy. Spring/Summer 1998, Vol.7 No.1


Why the great disparity in mortality? 

Regular MDs treated patients with fever reducers such as aspirin while the homeopathic MDs, osteopaths and chiropractors refused to suppress the patients’ fevers and other symptoms. 

Further the osteopaths, chiropractors and homeopaths employed natural methods to promote the patient’s natural healing response.

As homeopathic practitioner Frank Newton, MD reported: 

            “There is one drug which directly or indirectly was the cause of the loss of       more lives than was influenza itself: aspirin. Aspirin was taken until      prostration resulted and the patient developed pneumonia.”  Frank L.            Newton, MD, Somerville, Massachusetts, Winston J. Influenza-1918: Homeopathy to the     Rescue. The New England Journal of Homeopathy. Spring/Summer 1998, Vol.7 No.1  


We see this today in the reporting of swine flu deaths.  Almost all of the deaths are in individuals under medical care who have underlying health conditions.  Medical care is suppressive and with the aggressive use of even more powerful suppressive drugs today than in 1918 (antibiotics, steroids and others) the mortality may again be higher for those under medical care compared to healthcare practitioners who respect the wisdom of the body and work with the body to promote health and healing.


With the above in mind let us remember that In most all cases the flu should run its course.

n      Patients should be comforted.

n      Get lots of sun and eat nutrient dense foods now.

n      Expressive healthcare is superior to suppressive healthcare.

n      Suppressive medical care (antibiotics, fever reducers, other drugs and vaccinations) can make the illness far worse.

n      Chiropractic, traditional osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy and other “natural” healthcare systems

n      Avoid refined and non-organic foods.

n      The flu for most is a temporary inconvenience that leaves a less toxic, healthier person in its wake.

Remember, the goal of healing is not to give temporary relief by suppressing symptoms and driving them deeper in to the body where they may give rise to chronic illness in the future.

The goal of healing is to permit the patient to express his/her symptoms and respect the natural self-healing ability of the body.  True healing is long-term healing.

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