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Health Freedom August 19, 2009

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For those of you that do not know Dr. Tedd Koren, he has been fighting for OUR health rights for many years.  Dr. Koren doesn’t just travel the world teaching parents and professionals, he has been highly active in the court systems as well.  To me, Dr. Koren is ” the guy”. The guy that made it all clear to me.
Dr. Koren was also the first person who recommended a homeopath to me. I had so much respect for the man, I listened and I am very thankful that I did.  If you can support any org. this month or year, let it be his and please look at the petition he has put together with some other great individuals. If anyone can make a difference it is Tedd.
Dr. Koren isn’t just my guy..he’s the man!!!…Dotty Scalco
It’s starting.  Here is our attack against the vaccine monolith.  This is just the beginning.I’d like to thank everyone who supports the Foundation for Health Choice.  Our attorney Jim Turner had a major part in this petition.  This is no mere petition, our goal has been to avoid doing what failed in the past and to go for weakest link in the government’s arguments.

We need to keep this going.  Go to and please donate.  Even if it’s just $25.00 a month, it’ll help a lot.

Here is the press release –

Three attorneys and several health freedom organizations have just filed a petition with the FDA to challenge the licensing of pan flu vaccines.

This approach bypasses the flaws of other legal action approaches (injunctions, etc.), and may actually work.

See Gary Null’s radio show today 1-3pm on this! (Wed Aug 19) Ralph Fucetola of Natural Solutions Foundation, Jim Turner of the D.C. firm Swankin-Turner, Alan Phillips of Signatories include Gary Null, Tedd Koren, DC, and several others.

Citizen Petition:

Educating on Children’s Health Options
ECHO the truth.
Be a voice for your child

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