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Bi polar July 3, 2009

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Synchronicities are people, places or events that your soul attracts into
your life to help you evolve to higher consciousness or to place emphasis on
something going on in your life. The more ‘consciously aware’ you become of
how your soul manifests, the higher your frequency becomes and the faster
you manifest positively. Taken from

Synchronicities are never ending in my life. I believe if I was more
focused, I would realize, EVERYTHING, yes everything is in synchronicity.

I adore synchronicity, it reminds me that there is a divine source and a
higher purpose. A friend of mine once shared with me that. “while I am busy
making plans, God is laughing.” I didn’t believe it at first but I
certainly do now. Just when I think I have it all figured out, when my plan
is set in stone, and I am wearing my badge of courage, God throws my stone
to the ground ( or was that Moses) and rips my Girl Scout achievement
patches from my vest.

Today a few things happened that reminded me that there are no such things
as coincidences. Things do happen for a reason. I won’t get into the long
list but I will tell you this, Bi polar seems to be the diagnosis of the
month. I speak to so many people claiming they have bi polar or know someone
who does. Bi polar to simplify it, is when someone goes from one state of
mind, (happiness) to the opposite state, (depression) at any given moment. I
have believed for years bi polar manifests from many of the same things that
other neurological disorders stem from…malnutrition of the brain, often
due to gut dysbiosis and poor diet. Throw in some toxins, some really awful
experiences ( childhood abuse, neglect, broken heart, bad economy etc ) and
VIOLA… now have a disorder that effects 3.4 million children and 5.7
million adults in the U.S. According to the professionals you are really
only deficient of Lithium, Valium or Xanax. I found this list of most common
meds prescribed for Bi Polar. I stopped counting after I reached 100.

Three years ago, I sent out a story about a boy named Willy who recovered
from Bi Polar thanks to his dad, who was relentless on finding answers. Here
is the original post.

Today I received in my mail box, an update on Willy, who is now 18.

I decided to add a couple of other sites I found on the subject.

I know many of you forward this info to family members and I know many of
your efforts go unnoticed. My son is nearly 100% cured of autism, due to
nutrition and alternative practices, yet many of my family members refuse to
believe his recovery could possibly be connected to foods and energy
healing. But every once in a while I try to plant yet another seed. With
love, light and a good hearty soil, seeds can grow. Sending lots of love and
healing, Dotty Scalco

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