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Oh happy day July 23, 2009

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Emotions are running so high today and it is not even noon. There were emails that made me cry and voice mails that made me smile, but nothing could have prepared me for this.
Below is a link to a new site/service called Medical Voices.
This site offers articles and webnars of some of the best doctors in the country plus a few outside the country. I have personally been in the battle fields with  some of these docs, trying desperately to get this information out to the public. It wasn’t just about getting parents to listen it was about getting their colleagues to listen. Imagine being a physician and learning vaccines are dangerous and trying to tell your associates without getting hung on the cross.
These doctors have put their reputation and practice on the line, all for the sake of the truth.
Years ago we would debate whether or not the truth would ever become public knowledge. We wondered  if we would make it to the end zone for a touch down, settle for a field goal or fumble the ball and lose control. Some of us dropped out, too tired to continue, some of us sat on the bench, watching and cheering.  Others remained on the field and took the tackles. We were all bruised and battered.
Today with great pleasure I get to see some of my favorite teammates joining forces with other professionals all with the same passion…. to educate.
Our team is stronger now and growing. I always had faith that it would, but thought it would take longer.
I pictured myself on my death bed, with my children on my side showing me the headline of the daily news.
CDC Admits Vaccines Cause Autism and other Autoimmune Disorders. I close my eyes and smile as I pass on to another dimension in peace.
Honestly, that day may never come. Just think of the repercussions. The pharmaceutical industry would come crashing to it’s knees, politicians would be tarred and feathered as we struggle to regain a new system of government. And the lawyers….. heck they would be singing in the rain.
But the day has come when people are no longer ashamed to speak the once unspeakable.
I dedicate this day to a dear old friend. One night after a long, serious discussion on vaccine safety. I leaned across the dinner table and looked straight into his eyes. I said, “‘You are anti vaccine, you just don’t know it yet”. Today I  get the pleasure of seeing his name on this outstanding list of doctors.
With love, light and peace…Dotty Scalco

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