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Nobody does it better July 18, 2009

I said it before and I will say it again, Sherri Nakken is the best educator on the subject of vaccines, homeopathy and childhood diseases. Sherri is a registered nurse in the U.S. However after realizing allopathic medicine was harmful, Sherri turned her studies to  homeopathy. So she truly knows both worlds and has a passion to teach others.
These online/ webpage classes are ridiculously cheap. You can work at your own pace and there are no pressures. You will not be graded. Can not pass or fail, simply learn. Sherri’s desire is to make sure you understand the principles, so you can make informed decisions for your family.
Once the  government gets involved in YOUR health care and our representatives continue to sleep with  Big Pharma  we may looking at a future where alternative treatments and practitioners will be illegal.
In fact it is already taking place.With EDUCATION,  people can make changes. I urge you to be informed.
I have taken Sherri’s homeopathy class and I am now able to treat many of my  families  ailments using a $7.00 remedy vial .( Mind you I only need a few tablets to treat, so the remedies last for years)
Take that to your PPO.
All classes start on Wed. the 29th.
If there is a financial concern, please email Sherri and let her know you are on my list and she will try to work with you. However, please do this ONLY if you are truly strapped for money. Sherri works hard providing this info and is truly underpaid.
In good health, Dotty Scalco
Introduction to Homeopathy OnLine Class –
Childhood Diseases: Reality, Care & Treatment
Vaccine Dangers & Disease Information Classes

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