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HBOT March 22, 2009

received this today about HBOT.
If you don’t know about Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, you may want to look at this.( treats many ailmants )
GREAT PRICE, but I can not say I am familiar with the place. Certainly looks nice.

Educating on Children’s Health Options
ECHO the truth.
Be a voice for your child

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Autism Rates Rocket – 1 in 38 British Boys – Cambridge Study – [SZ]

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All right much longer are we going to wait!
Below find political contacts in the US and UK.
Pick up the phone for God’s sake and make some noise.
Dotty Scalco


This is a response from that study:

It is 1 in 38 boys not 1 in 48 [see calculation at the end]

This is nearly one boy in every class in a boy’s school.

You must ask your political representative why s/he is not demanding the Department of Health “cuts the crap”?  [Details of how to contact at end].  If you do not, you will only have yourself to blame.  And you must keep on writing.

It cannot take modern medicine and science 11 years since 1998 and The Lancet paper to not find the cause unless they have not been looking – and they have not:-

  • the only things that can be causing this over the last 20 years are the vaccinations and there is published research to support that as well as countless testimony of parents all telling the same story of what happened to their child
  • we know this cannot be genetic – genetic epidemics are impossible and research shows it is environmental – which includes vaccines
  • it cannot be “greater awareness” or “better diagnosis” – we just did not see these kids 20 years ago regardless of what the Baron Cohen’s of this world say [and you never know what he currently says because it changes with his underwear audience]
  • we do know the push for vaccinations is commercially driven – as drug companies change their business model to vaccines from the failing one of patented blockbuster drugs – the drugs “pipelines” are drying up
  • we do know some drug companies are crooked and some others have, like GSK, been implicated in criminal activity and other civil illegal activity
  • we do know the DoH is giving out false figures on the risks of measles and other disease to scare and disease monger parents into thinking they must have their children vaccinated


Contacting Your Politician – UK and USA  



UK – Write To Your Politicians – Do It Now!

Ask your MP to ask for proper clinical studies comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children and that these are by independent unbiased objective researchers.  Ask that the UK’s Secretary of State explain why the British Government allows officials of the UK’s Department of Health to cause the human rights of children to be violated.

To email your MP, all you need to know is your MP’s name.  MP’s email addresses are in the form:-

To find out who your MP is click on this link:-

The calculation is:-

– there are two unknown for every three known

– 1 in 100 children are known cases

– so for every 300 children, there are 3 known and 2 unknown cases [5 in total]

– 4 in every 5 cases is a boy

– roughly half of the 300 children will be boys

– so 4 in 150 boys will have an Autistic Spectrum Condition

– that is approximately 1 in 38

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