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Essential Oils September 10, 2008

Essential oils can be used in place of most any drug if you know what you are doing.  We use them to heal burns, help reduce high fevers, kill fungus (i.e. ringworm), kill bacterial germs, prevent illness, etc.  We have found Young Living Essential Oils to be the most pure and effective.  To give you an idea about what essential oils are this is the Preface from the Essential Oils Desk Reference (third printing May 2000) compiled by Essential Science Publishing.

Essential oils are the oldest and some of the most powerful therapeutic agents known.  They have enjoyed a millennium-long history of use in healing and anointing throughout the ancient world.  Oils, like frankincense, are cited repeatedly in many Judeo-Christian religious texts and were used to cure every ailment “from gout to a broken head.”  Myrrh, lotus, and sandalwood oils were widely used in ancient Egyptian purification and embalming rituals.  Other oils like clove and lemon were highly valued as antiseptics hundreds of years before the discovery of chemical germkillers.

 With the advent of modern industrial biochemicals during the last two centuries, natural therapeutic agents, like essential oils, have been largely forgotten.  It has been only during the last 20 years that essential oils have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity as their broad-spectrum antibacterial and therapeutic action has been rediscovered by many health-care professionals.  Essential oils are some of the most concentrated natural extracts known, exerting significant antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, hormonal, and psychological effects.  Essential oils have the ability to penetrate cell membranes, travel throughout the blood and tissues, and enhance electrical frequencies.  As we watch an essential oil work, it becomes clear that the powerful life force inherent in many essential oils gives them an unmatched ability to communicate and interact with cells in the human body.

After using them, there is no doubt that essential oils were ordained as the medicine for mankind and will be held as the medicine of our future:  the missing link of modern medicine, where allopathic and holistic medicine join together for the leap into the 21st century.


One Response to “Essential Oils”

  1. Lance Says:

    Oh yes, essential oils are hard to resist. I love keeping them in my kitchen so I can smell them every time I go looking for a plate. I use them to help me as a Natural allergy relief.

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